Learn to code… Change your career to better

This post is not an ad, this post is just my experience that I’ll share with you.
When I finished college I was full of enthusiasm. But five years after college I couldn’t find a good job. I didn’t sit at home, soon after college I started doing a job that couldn’t offer much in a company where i stayed for far to many years. It felt like I threw five years of hard studying into the wind. So what could I do? Bad economy, no job openings, bad salaries and cost’s are growing… And everybody just told me that I am lucky to even have a job this days. Well, that sucks.
I thought that If I don’t get a good job, a job that I actually like, until my 30. birthday that I would be stuck doing jobs I don’t like for barely enough money to live and pay for my rent.
But then my friend suggested: “Hey, why don’t you learn to code. Market needs a good programmer.
At first I thought: “Well not everybody can learn to code just like that, from home”. At that time I barely knew how to download torrents or install a game. But after a really bad day at work I went to Codecademy (a site that my friend suggested to me) and started to code. Every day for at least an hour a day.
A year after, I was given an opportunity to work and learn as an junior web developer for The Solvers. Now, I am seeing progress every day, I am learning every day, I like what I do and I am happy at my work.

So here I’ll share four steps that took me to get where i am today.

Learn to code on Codecademy

Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 8 different programming languages including Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, and Ruby, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS
I started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery – as I was suggested, most important languages needed to build a good interactive website.
My way is not the only way, but I chose it because with this languages I could see results soon and earn some money by building a web pages for some smaller business. And with JavaScript you can really do a lot.
THIS info graphic by software developer Carl Cheo can help you decide which programming language you would like to learn. When you learn your first programming language, you will learn that all other languages are similar, you just need to learn to think and solve problems like a programmer.

Important Tip: Be consistent, try to solve problems by yourself, if it doesn’t work search Codecademy for answer, but try to understand it.

Start building free or fictive web sites – Stack Overflow is great place to ask what you don’t know

Yes, and I did it for myself, to learn. And there are always paid projects that come by recommendation. Do it to gain an experience and portfolio. This is the work that I’ll show to somebody one day. And nobody will ask me did I do it for money, or for real customer, they’ll just like my work or they want.

What if you encounter a problem with your code that you can’t solve by your self?
Ask for help on Stack Overflow – I found it to be most useful source when you start to code, most of your answers you’ll find there.

Also, it is good to rest your eyes from a computer screen by reading a book, for JavaScript I found THIS book to be very useful.

Create a source code repository

I use GitHub. GitHub offers both plans for private repositories and free accounts, which are usually used to host open-source software projects.
So when I post my work somewhere, a also post my GitHub repository so people can see my source code, in this job it gives more information to potential job giver than a CV.

Be active on social media

Promote your work, introduce everybody in community with your work and let them know that you’re looking for an job opportunity. Be active on social media – LinkedIn is really great tool for that. In THIS video you’ll find some advices on how to do that. Do not know fear. Coding could be your chance for a great career.