Organizing to success

Organization is the root of all business actions done in specific order at specific time in manner of achieving goals.

If you ever tried to do some of your own business, doesn’t matter if it is a blog or a pottery shop, you’ve find yourself in situation where you lie to yourself that you don’t have time.

Suddenly, you are noticing things that you’ve used to do automatically as a part of your daily life are getting in your way of achieving your fresh and optimistic goals and having no time for let’s say laundry, can lead to much more mess than you can expect to.


Before jumping into great business project planning, take some time to see how things are working out without it. Do you think that you have enough time? Do you feel that you should spend more time on some field, and spend it less on another?

When talking about organization, you are not managing actions, but time.

Being realistic about your situation is a key point to make most of your day. There aren’t universal tips for organizing a day, being mother of three kids and freelance copywriter won’t have same day to day obligations.

To start small and see what is left of your day, write down tasks that you have to do. Every day. It is not revolution, it is a to-do list and you need it.
After you get used to write down your stuff, and it becomes automatic behavior for you, you should analyze time you put in certain actions. And this is not a overnight step, this is something that takes time.
Observe yourself as you are trying to get this new thing going on – writing to-do for a day after. How long will it take for you to develop a new habit? How hard it is for you? Collect information as it is crucial for future organization and personal development.


So, you’ve done analysis and you are really making the most of your day? Congrats. Your business is showing a way to move from dead spot, and your wife is … well, let’s hope you still remember her and the name of your kids?

Interest in success can be overwhelming even to the most organized person. From this point you have to take the load off your shoulders and assign it to someone else – outsource it.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be big deal – you don’t have to hire a Indian to read a mails for you, but you can hire woman next door to do your laundry, your nephew to wash a car every Saturday, your college to do meetings with clients and etc…

Don’t forget to pay them. This is where TIME = MONEY comes to life. Time you need to advance and go further will have to be replaced by the amount of money that you value that time in actions/results.

Get used to it.


I can write steps that are already written around the web and be 80% right, but it is hard to find tips that work for everybody.

If you are trying to do something, first organize your trials. See what matters and what could be results. What do you need to succeed and what collateral damage will be made by it. Most important thing is to observe the results, no matter how small they are.
So if you write to-do list for tomorrow after a long time, you are making it happen. If you notice that you spend too much time in front of tv – you are still making in happen. Make it personal travel to better and organized self. Involve people who care. And go slowly. Change takes time – and time is for change.

To quote rubbish motivational quotes that somehow always work:

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you keep moving.”