The process of creating a website consists of several steps and it works with constant communication and cooperation with clients. In this way, step by step, we create unique and modern websites. Using larger number of new technologies, we have specialized in creating “responsive” websites, and each of our websites after we made it, is turned into “Wordpress” CMS system. The specialty of “responsive” design is that each of websites that we make is completely customized for access from any device, from a mobile phone over a tablet to a computer. You can learn more about our web design process by checking our web design infographic. Wordpress allows you as a user, that with minimal technical knowledge and subtraction of your precious time, you can independently edit content of website and without additional expenses.

We analyze every site that we create with several tools such as Google Analytics, Crazyegg and we submit a detailed report to our clients about work and statistical analysis of visits on their website after three months from the lunch of a website. We also put every Web page that we made on the portfolio on our website, because we are proud of our projects and we insist on maintaining the quality level of our products and services.


Now days when you search for something you need, you probably don’t take a phone book and search, you google the thing or service you need. And probably on the first page of the search result you find what you need, and you have a great chance to become a customer of a business you searched. That is what we want for your business. To have a strong online presence. So when you have a website online, you’re there, but maybe harder to find then your competition. So that’s why we optimize your website for search engines (SEO). Also, it is important to be active online, if you want to attract more customers thru your website. That’s why we help your business with a good search engine marketing (SEM), we can write content for your blogs, and represent you on social media.


Nice visual things attract people. The same thing is with visual design. Your potential customer will make a snap judgement based on your visual design. If they don’t like it, there is a great chance that they will go away from your site instead of studying it further. That is called bounce rate and we want it to make it as small as we can. So what can we do to attract customers? We offer a service of creating whole or partial visual design, with logo design, design of promotional print and media materials, as well as whole branding service.


Web applications are computer programs allowing website visitors to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the Internet using their preferred web browser. The data is then presented to the user within their browser as information is generated dynamically (in a specific format, e.g. in HTML using CSS) by the web application through a web server. By defining your needs we can develop a custom web application that will best meet the needs of your business. The applications we build are also made responsive, so your customers could access them thru whatever device they use.

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