Although creating websites is one of the primary activities of the Solvers team, that is not our main idea. The goal that we have set is much more ambitious than that and it’s the overall improvement of operations of our clients (from improving sales of specific product, to the improving of overall operations in some company). A website is just one of the many techniques which Solvers team uses in order to achieve its goal.
With extensive market research we came to the results that nowadays the best and the most cost-effective way to develop business is through online presence, of which building the website is just a beginning. Keeping track of user behaviour and adapting the website is critical in making the website more successful in attracting visitors interested in what the website offers and leading them to a conversion.
There are more techniques by which this is done, such as: internet marketing, SEO and SEM campaigns, email marketing and making design and performative above the average web page.
It’s not enough just to create a website. It is necessary to create a site that fits the profile of each user and customize its look and content according to people who visit this very website that it should be easy and practical for use.

Andrija Jambrović CEO

Andrija is kind of our „jack of all trades“: our developer, software architect and project manager (not necessarily in that order). Although web development has been his main occupation for the last 10 years, he has been officially employed and paid for the last six, whilst the first four years were spent on learning and doing occasional „on the side“ projects.
Andrija has led a lot of projects in which he has communicated with different clients where he learned how to find and focus on what’s important and how to deliver a project in situations of „great uncertainty“ (when the demands change and the time limit remains the same).

At this moment, he doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies but he is interested in travelling and exploring new things in order to have greater understanding of the world around him, recognize different problems and offer his clients Solvers solutions.


Mladen is our office student. He studies law and political science, works and learns in our Solvers team. Besides of writing the content and making websites for our clients, he has constantly been upgrading his knowledge about the CMS system WordPress and he is responsible for our social network profiles. He also does the usual student tasks like collecting mail, making coffee, etc.

In his free time, Mladen likes to watch TV, he takes care of our director Gandzo and his office friends Dexter (a husky) and Kaya (a bernese mountain dog), he follows the news in the world of technology and does a variety of other „geek“ activities.


Gandzo is a black cat and the unofficial director of our company. He contemplates on a daily basis  about marketing, new methods of market penetration and achieving cat domination over the world economy. With his ruthless paws, he forces his employees to do their job and takes care of the well-being of its clients. In fact, he appreciates his clients’ satisfaction much more than the health of his employees, so you can be sure that Gandzo’s paws are always working in your favor!