Web design process infographic

We made this infographic for the Internet community, web designers, developers, marketers, our clients and for all other people who want to know more about web design and online presence. We will explain just the basics of our web design and online presence process. Your process may vary from that in our infographic but basic points are here. Our main idea is to explain to our clients whole potential of the website with cool images without stuffing them with unnecessary technical information.

We know there is a lot more behind every topic that we mention but keep in mind that we want to simplify the whole process for our client and not developers or marketing gurus. Also bare in mind that this is our first take on making infographic. We will share with you our experiences with the process of making this infographic though separate blog post. Also if you have any advice on how to make this infographic better fell free to contact us. Come on and hop aboard our Solvers train, which runs on the tracks of success! Its destination is still unknown, but we managed to approximate it somewhere near Andromeda galaxy in the belt of awesomeness.

Don’t hesitate to download our infographic or share it with your friend (hover over the infographic)

Website development process
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